Latest work project. Implementing an unsliced PSD from our designer.

Interpretive Developer Program

This is an abandoned Drupal project assigned to me so there was a fair amount of cruft in the source. Basically I built the static site then replaced the dev site’s css with mine, tweaking class names and wrappers as needed to compensate for Drupal’s bizarre template system.

I liked the simplicity of the slideshow over my last attempt, requiring no counters or explicit element IDs.

```javascript var slider;

$(document).ready(function() {
    slider = setTimeout(doSlider, 6000);

function doSlider(){
    if($('.slider>a.current').next()[0].tagName != "A"){
        $('.slider>a.current').fadeOut(). removeClass('current');
        $('.slider>a:first').fadeIn(). addClass('current');
        $('.slider-footer>a.current'). removeClass('current');
        $('.slider-footer>a:first'). addClass('current');
    } else {
        $('.slider>a.current').next('a').fadeIn(). addClass('current').prev('a').fadeOut(). removeClass('current');
        $('.slider-footer>a.current').removeClass('current').next('a'). addClass('current');
    slider = setTimeout(doSlider, 6000);
} ```